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Aladin: No.1 Mentalist in India

Have you ever met someone who can narrate what is going on in your mind? This is what precisely Aladin – the one and only mind-reader in Cochin, Kerala - does. A popular mind reader in India, Aladin is highly sought after in all corporate as well as personal events in Cochin, given the fact that he is the number one mentalist in India.

Mind-reading is an art of demonstrating hidden powers of mind through Aladin’s extemporary skills of showmanship. It unveils the hidden powers of mind as he demonstrates his extremely popular and rare mind-reading techniques.

Normally, mind reading takes place between two people. Aladin, a leading mentalist in India, performs this extremely skilled task with consummate ease and aplomb. One should keep in mind that mind-reading is not something everyone can perform easily. Aladin has been a mind reader for over three decades and has the ability to handle an audience ranging from 50 to 5000. A reason why he remains the number one mentalist in India.

In fact, Aladin is a skilled mentalist in Cochin or India for that matter.  

Aladin’s mind-reading techniques are unique as it is filled with lots of comic and funny moments, something other mind-readers find it hard to emulate. Thoughts of people will be revealed in an entertaining and funny way. But Aladin will never reveal any personal secrets or thoughts. All demonstrations are designed to be visually appealing, light-hearted, and involve participation of the audience in a very engaging and entertaining manner.

A skilled mentalist in Cochin, Aladin does the real-time stealing of mind! Yes, Aladin can steal people's thoughts through various techniques which include the body language of the participant, hand writing analysis, influence people's decisions using NLP and other unique psychological methods.

Being a leading mentalist in India, his mind-reading shows are emotion-packed, unimaginably funny and witty. It is rare and interactive as well. Another interesting aspect about Aladin’s mind-reading technique is his hugely successful and popular interactivity method, which makes the show all the more interesting. Using a rare blend of psychological techniques and mentalist tricks, Aladin creates wonders on stage, captivating the audience.  

Being a number one mentalist in India, Aladin adopts various kinds of mind-reading tricks. Sometimes, he may hand out a book to anybody in the audience and ask them to think of a word from the book. To the great surprise of the entire audience, Aladin would tell the word in a matter of minutes!

As a prominent mind reader or a mentalist in India, Aladin’s mind-reading shows have become so popular among the corporate audience in Cochin or Kerala that he is the first choice among various corporate houses and event managers.

A mind-reading show can be both entertaining and informative. Aladin adopts an eclectic blend of both these aspects, which endear him to all spectrums of audience in Cochin.

Since mind reading shows are more suitable for the educated adult audience, it is apt for corporate events, product launches and private events like birthday parties.

So it is immaterial which type of celebration or occasion. Be it a product launch, a gala dinner, conference, private or business function or corporate event, hiring a mind-reader like Aladin whose mind-reading techniques can make it the most memorable event. 

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